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My Process for projects

My framework to move projects, is my process.

Where is my process and experience applicable?

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Similing Team

IT or Dev Projects

Product Development

Customer Life Cycle

Building Teams

My coaching style to move projects forward

My Projects

Here are projects that I've led, designed, developed, and deployed.

My 2023 completed Projects

Co-Founder and Program Director

Developed DevMoms which is an extension program of Tech-Moms to accelerate the job experience for Tech Mom graduates who want to use their skills after graduation in Web Development, Project Management or UI/UX skills through website contract work with small businesses. DevMoms training program teaches women either Waterfall and Agile methodologies to manage the project while being customer-centric to ensure the customer journey is on time, on budget, and meets business requirements. 

Dev-Moms Feature (Facebook Post).png

Salesforce NPSP Implementation

Grad Capstone

Technical Project Manager

Masters' capstone on the design and implementation of a Salesforce NPSP instance for a non-profit organization. In this project, I was the Technical Project manager where I managed, went through the 5 phases of project management, using Agile practices, and applied a Scrum Framework to implement and deploy a Sale Force Instance. In addition, this project has been implemented with Tech-Moms, and I worked as their Salesforce System Administrator and Product Owner. Jira was used to manage the lifecycle of this project.



Technical Project Manager

Gamification Hackathon on how to  "Level Up Society". The challenge was to find a solution that helps one of the 5 categories (Finance, Retail, Mental, Learning, and Cybersecurity).  In 48 hours, I:  

- Planned and gathered requirements  

-Defined what the user story will be, how it will be gamified, and what functions/components could meet most of the categories in the challenge  

- Built the MVP in #React #reactjs  

- Tested and Deployed it in #netlify  And the results - DigiHeath ! 


Technical PM and Junior Developer

DigiPass was an idea that my team and I had pitched at a Cybersecurity Hackathon. DigiPass is a passwordless login and uses a decentralized Identity system based on creating credentials through mutually authenticated transactions. This solves various systems not having a manual input of user authentication, questionable data, mutable identity data and etc. In this project, I identified the user and their problems, gathered requirements, and provided a plan to the team on how to execute. View pitch at (27:10) where I present the solution, provide a go-to-market strategy, and where we won first place!

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 5.46.41 PM.png


Technical Project Manager and Developer

Girl Develop It Hackathon where my team and I created a learning web application that introduces K12 students to the historical women of STEM. In 48 hours, I:  

- Planned and gathered requirements  

-Defined what the user story will be, how it will be gamified, and what functions/components could meet most of the categories in the challenge  

- Pitched the solution to stakeholders and provided a go-to-market strategy.


Provo Girl Summit - Website Redesign and Implementation

Website Designer and Project Manager

Consulted on the redesign of Provo Girl Summit website. Gathered requirements, and identified the best solution for their business needs. Proposed the design, and solution and deployed the website. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 10.29.11 AM.png Website Redesign

Consultant and Developer

Consulted on the redesign of Tech-Mom website, mentored and deployed the Tech-Mom website. 



Technical Project Manager

Project manager responsible for managing and

helping develop ConnectWells web redesign project on Wordpress. 

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 11.56.53 AM.png
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